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Write For Us – Bloggers Wanted!

Want to submit a guest post? Well, you came to the right place, We are more than happy for you to write for us!

What is World Travel Bound looking for?

Whether you are a seasoned professional writer, blogger or a writer of all sorts, we would love for you to write for us. We want someone that is keen on inspiring, motivating, engaging and informing our readers and visitors. We can’t personally touch every topic under the sun, so we want your help in guest posting! Share your experience, knowledge and contribute. Know some hidden gems or exciting places to visit? Hot events, nightlife, festivals? We want to hear it all!

However, we will be personally reviewing each article/post so please make sure it is up to standards.

Here’s how to write for us.

World Travel Bound Guest Post Guidelines

  • Have an appealing title
  • Articles must be at least 700 words. We would love it if it was over 1,000!
  • Must be original content – Rewriting of your own personal posts is acceptable. We will be checking.
  • Don’t be too generalized and generic with the topic, please have useful details and try to have a personal/conversational tone
  • Be honest, genuine and definitely real!
  • Travel or lifestyle related topics. Top X or things to do and destination posts are accepted only if it is detailed and provides value. Or if you have personal experience in that location. Travel tips, advice, stories, events and culture. Even food! We are interested in top food places around the world! Weird, luxury, yummy!
  • Grammatically correct and spell checked
  • 5 Images minimum in the body preferably 800×600.  (1 landscape feature image) – Show don’t just tell
  • Images are referenced and free to be used
  • If you are using stats or data please source them
  • Family-friendly topics
  • No Affiliate Links.
  • You must be happy for any minor amends to be made either to fit our editorial style (Although most of the time there wouldn’t be much editing) or any future changes.
  • It would be great to send a couple previous written examples as well.
  • Please note that submitting your article, we gain the rights to edit the piece to fit our site.
  • So, please send over your pitch/topic idea. Preferably 2, and we will get back to you asap!

Unfortunately, we do not pay for guest posts. But in return, if you submit an approved article you’ll get an Author bio plus a Backlink back to your blog.

We would love to build a relationship with bloggers. Any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask us! We are keen to hear from you!

We only allow a certain amount per month so get in touch and write for us today!


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