Why You Should Travel Now?

~ Lauren’s take ~ 

Stop asking yourself why you should travel, travel and find out! If you were to survey people on what their future consists, they would say a very straight forward genetic response. Their response would most likely be on the lines of get a degree, find a full-time job, get married, buy a house and start a family. Very few may add in travel in between full-time job and marriage or even between degree and full-time job. If you haven’t traveled yet or still considering it, get packing and get to it, it’s never too late.


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Are these the reasons stopping you from traveling?

Traveling is scary

It’s true, traveling is scary and it’s outside of our comfort zone. Don’t be afraid, we all have times where we are scared, this doesn’t have to mean we can’t do it. If we don’t get out of our comfort zone we would never learn or move on in life. Traveling is like moving out of your family home into your own place just further and not forever. Eventually, you get use to it and even prefer it.

Traveling changes a person, you learn to be independent and learn about yourself. It is an eye opener on how beautiful the world is and how lucky you are. You are never alone when you are traveling, there are so many people traveling. They are in your shoes also, you can help each other out, share your stories and experience and even travel together. This is where new friendships begin.

Traveling is expensive

You really want to travel abroad although you feel it’s too expensive? Yes! Traveling can be expensive if you make it expensive. You could compare this to wanting to watch a movie that has just been released which you were waiting for years for. You don’t want to watch it in the standard cinema you want to watch it in gold class, however, it’s more expensive. Choose the standard cinema, this way it is less expensive and you still get to watch the movie. The moral is do not say no completely, meet it halfway and substitute.

Travel doesn’t need to be outside your country, it could be within your state or domestically. Enjoy a short trip or a day trip to unwind and explore at a minimal cost. There’s always options where you are able to apply for a travel visa, and this will allow you to work while you travel. There are always options available, travel does not need to be expensive and memories are priceless.


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Feeling too young or too old to travel?

This is where you are wrong! You can travel at any timeline during your life. The only factor that differs when traveling at a different age is your life’s experience and interpretation. When I was younger and traveling with my family, all I cared about was having fun, buying souvenirs and collecting experiences to share to my friends. Today I want to travel to collect experiences and learn from them, learn how beautiful our world can be and how much or little it has changed. Years down the path I want to sit by the beach unwind and teach my grandchildren to swim. If you are planning to wait until a certain age to travel or you think it’s too late you’re missing out on great opportunities.

No one to travel with

The fantastic thing about traveling is you really do not need anyone to travel with. I mean it would be great to have someone to travel with, however, it shouldn’t stop you from traveling alone. You could even become more you when you’re alone, you might be able to express yourself more to a stranger than to a friend. You are never alone when you travel, there are so many people to meet. You could meet lifelong friends or even the love of your life, you never know.


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Overall, traveling is a great way to better yourself. Traveling makes you more appreciative for what you have in life. You are able to try new things and discover your likes and dislikes. You become more cultured and compassionate towards people who are different than yourself. Traveling teaches you responsibility and encourages you to embrace your independence. I encourage everyone to take every opportunity they have and see the world around them; whether it is a trip of 30 miles or 3,000 miles. By not taking the opportunity to travel, many people are missing out on some of the greatest places, people, and experiences the world has to offer.

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