Travel – Killer Reasons to Travel Abroad!

Some believe that they can wait and travel abroad later in the future, when they are a bit more settled, have more people to go with, or old enough to be able to afford and fully enjoy it. Then there are those that simply dive head first and will follow where their heart takes them. We personally would encourage people to travel abroad whenever they get the chance. If they keep pushing the trip aside, and waiting and waiting, many more things would interfere and slow them down even more.


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Traveling abroad can be life-changing and can ultimately change the way on how you see things. Having this earlier on in life I believe is quite important. Here are some good reasons to be traveling abroad:

Traveling Abroad will:

  1. Make you more aware of what’s all out there in the world! So you’re not totally oblivious to what is going on, the good and the bad. To be grateful for what you already have.
  2. Enables you to look at different countries and nationalities with a new perspective!
  3. Teach you all kinds of new things about other cultures and their way of life as well as upbringing.
  4. Not only do you get to see, but you get to immerse yourself with the food, language, activities, events and traditions that they hold dear.
  5. Help you meet others and build new friendships and even relationships.
  6. Could even possibly be a life-changing event, forming new ideas, interests, hobbies and even career choices.
  7. And the experience, surrounded by the unknown is simply exhilarating!

Keep travel abroad on your wish list and start saving money for your trip. It would be horrid to wake up some day down the line and realize that you are either too old or have too many commitments going on to go traveling. Regret is a horrible thing to experience, especially when it happens to something that has been a dream or in the back of your mind for most of your life. But definitely, weigh your options and your circumstances such as the pros and cons, you owe it to yourself to make an educated decision.

Besides all the travel vaccines, travel medicine, passports, etc. it is well worth it! The benefits will surely outweigh the hassle and the travel bug would’ve left its mark.


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Top Tips to Choose a Safe Place When Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad for a vacation or study program? Well, whatever the goal behind your overseas travel is, you have to make sure that the destination you choose is safe and that your accommodation and activities also adheres to certain standards, such as:


This is perhaps the most important criterion to consider while picking and choosing a place or a housing accommodation for your overseas travel. As such, you are new to the place and hence you don’t want to face any risk or get caught in a malevolent trap set by some fraudsters. Make sure that there are more travelers or families residing in the house so that you can feel safe and secure at all times. If you want that privacy, just make sure you have safety measures in place (Tip: Bring a doorstopper with you). And don’t be telling strangers and most definitely the world, besides family and friends where you are staying.

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Healthy living conditions

At the same time, never compromise on your health. Only if you are healthy and active can you enjoy your travel abroad well. This is more important if you have embarked on a study program. Make sure that the money you pay gives you ample positive returns. Unless you can fully handle mother nature upfront.

Availability of hygienic food

Most of the time, you may get good and even great food from the hosts. If not, you need to arrange for quality food with the help of a renowned caterer. Check that the food is prepared in a neat and hygienic manner by including only fresh items. This is a basic necessity that makes you feel at home even in a foreign land! Vaccinations do help a lot but it wouldn’t hurt to take extra pre-cautions. P.s. Even though street food may have a chance of taking a toll on you, it is totally the bomb to devour!


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The university or college dorms may be well-over the budget. So if you are staying elsewhere, try to choose a house/accom that is located nearby shops, transport facilities and medical amenities. This will make your stopover free from stress and strain, and in turn give you peace of mind.

The nature and attitude of the hosting family

Hosting families are usually eager to accept travelers because they would like to learn and exchange information about their culture for yours. Analyze their nature to know more about them in detail, and make sure they can adjust with your lifestyle and vice-versa. Establishing a good rapport with them is important to make sure that there is a good understanding between both. So most definitely respect them and also seek any advice if needed. They can really show you hidden gems around the area.

Determine if you would need assistance regarding language

Inquire beforehand if they can understand your language or whether you would need help from an interpreter for easy communication.


Ensure that the price quoted by them is affordable and reasonable too. Get everything in writing for future evidence.


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So, keeping these basic tips in mind, you can confidently choose a suitable housing option while you travel abroad either for leisure or for studies. This is just one major factor in traveling abroad, there are many other important things to remember when traveling. Stay tuned for more!