Agent Vs Website

In the past decade, traveling had become a very norm to most whether traveling within or outside the country. The rise of the commuters, there has been a major shift in the travel industry, creating opportunities to many as we can see the rise of many travel agencies notably the DIY travel services. Travel services are convenient in providing travelers multiple options to choose from. In recent times the online travel services gained quite a mass which had eased booking and traveling at any time of the day.

The mode to travel may differ, but the most important factor for travel agents are their customers and their purpose of travel. Customer, as we speak, could be a student, a business personal or a frequent vacationer, but deciding whether to use a travel website or use a travel agent differs in terms of benefits and the services provided by them.

Not long ago, the travel agents were the first in mind to look for; however, with a few clicks on your desktop or handheld device, you can be your travel agent by using those travel websites. Given both the option in hand, millions are traveling each day. As far as traveling concerned, acquiring their travel tickets and itineraries mostly depends on traveler’s preference, which could be based on trust, experience, cost, and convenience.

There are some pros and cons on either as you may consider. The following sheds light on either of the services. Which is better? You be the judge!

Travel Advice

Travel Agent

Some travelers may use travel agents for their travel. If you are to approach a travel agent, you are most likely to meet agents with whom you can communicate and meet in person to discuss your travel, know about the cost requirement and needs. With travel agents, you can discuss your whole trip from start to finish.

Now if you are unable to make a plan, the travel agents are there to help you in making a plan, in which they would also want to know more on how you want to spend your time, prepare an itinerary accordingly process your information with your specific needs and queries.

If you are traveling to a new place, the travel agents may give you a brief knowledge about the place and people and help you process your paperwork and other formalities as your travel may suggest.

Even agents can guide you what to pack. It’s quite obvious that you shouldn’t know everything about new places. Like; most safari places might have cheap market travelers don’t know about. I know it’s most exciting news for shoppers, like me! In that case, navigator advice to carry XL sized travel bags with an extra layer to buy a camera, a pair of quality binoculars, bug spray, and many more, especially in day trips.

Travel Deals

Travel Solution

Travel agencies are usually linked with other service industries such as the hotels, car rentals, tourist guides and so on. As a part of the travel business, agents in conjunction with them are always updated with many deals and offers.

As the travel season differs with respect to time and travelers destination. Travel agents are always prepared with various travel ideas to suit traveler’s needs. Travel agents can promptly find the best deals and they can make touristy even more exciting.

Travelers may have time constraints in which they are unable to schedule their activities, travel agents in such cases can avail many tour packages and activities pertaining to the occasions as well. As a traveler, you can get a good idea of your entire trip and in most cases, you can bring changes to your travel in a short time notice.

Travel Solutions

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Travel agents are specialized in preparing itineraries, especially trips that may include multiple countries and connecting flights and destinations. Tour packages that cover multiple countries may require certain visa processing, which travelers need to arrange in advance. Travel agents process those documents at ease and try to make the travel hassle less as possible.

Travel agent stays in close contact with travelers, at any instance of an emergency, travelers can easily contact their agent; travelers also get notified about any potential hazard to their trip. Travel agents aim to provide services to add value to their customers and build up a long lasting relationship of trust.

However, a satisfied customer is most likely to come back to the same travel agent for future travels. Travel agents may be easy to communicate however a service charge is always applied which may sometimes exceed your budget.

Travel Websites

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On the other hand, travel websites are web-based travel or online booking services. The notable likes of Expedia, Trivago, Kayak booking engines have increasingly gained market, in which you are your own travel agent. The service is basically gives you the opportunity to make your travel with your convenience.

If you are an early adopter, the medium of communication is based on the research you make, the information gathered from multiple sources and thousands of search results, reviews and the medium of communication is you and the service provider from your phone or computer.

The service has been a huge success, giving travelers the opportunity to plan their own travel. Travelers using travel web-sites can compare their travel with respect to different airlines. The booking engines are also preferred by customers who are content with the minimum requirements. Simple round trips, weekend trips, short holiday trips, mostly students or frequent travelers research, book and make their travel arrangements.

The sense is, there are no middlemen, you are the one to communicate, and you are in direct business with the service provider. Here you don’t have to fear for fraud agencies. The important factor here, is the amount of information you have gained, the time you spend to find your perfect travel deal may be time consuming. You may find the minimum details; whatsoever you may have other concerns in which you are not able to question. You may have queries for refunds and visa details or any other issues, in which you won’t be able to communicate to a representative easily as you would being with an agent. It also depends on what kind of a traveler you are. If you are tech savvy, you are more likely to find the online booking engines easier to understand. The online travel web-sites gives you the power to customize your own travel.

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Now if you are a traveler with multiple travel destinations or a practical person you may approach a travel agent, whereas if you know about what you are doing and you are confident, why not use the online booking engines. Your travel your choice.