Top 5 Things To Do At The Royal National Park


Visiting The Royal National Park

One of the great escapes that is just a stepping stone away from Sydney is The Royal National Park. A 50 minute drive from the Sydney CBD, this natural wonderland is simply a haven for those that love the great outdoors. Sydneysiders typically go here for a day-trip, but to totally immerse yourself and explore the area, a few days would be awesome!

There are several decisions which usually takes place when you decide on going to a destination. You will agree and support the fact that when it involves more than just you and your family, say a close friend as well, chances are planning for your outing would be more complicated than expected at first. Some would want to do more thrilling activities, others would just want to laze around while some just want to sightsee!

But luckily, The Royal National Park has plenty things to do and see. It is  important to have a clear idea of what to do and to set out your itinerary at the royal national park so you do not waste time and miss out on anything. Oh! You can also catch the ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena to start the trip.

Assuming you have settled to explore The Royal National Park, here are some of the great things to do during your visit.


Things To Do The Royal National Park

Swimming In The Serene Rock Pools

Just so you know, the Royal National Park is Australia’s first national park. Interesting thing is, in spite of its age, it is still considered to be a perfect platform for incredible leisure and challenging nature walks. It has breathtaking views of New South Wales as well as the Pacific Ocean to mention the least.

Walk along the Bundeena track to Burning Palms, there is the popular Royal National Park Figure 8 rock pools. It should not be missed, and is a point to explore. Bring your swimmers, but be careful, as waves and sea tide can change any moment.


Image: Flickr (Brian Giesen)


Image: Wiki CC (Haydenwarner)

A Visit To The Wattamolla Waterfall & Lagoon

Wattamolla sits on the border of this natural sanctuary and lies close to the Pacific Ocean right between Marley beach and Garie beach. You will be glad to learn that the location includes a beautiful beach, a deep low current lagoon, a shallow river and not to forget a waterfall. In fact, a simple five minute bush walk is all that it takes to make your way to the parking area at the Royal National Park Wattamolla all the way down to the waterways.

Keep in mind, visiting Wattamolla during the week means you are more likely to secure a parking spot compared to when you visit during the weekends.  This location can get quite packed with cars parked all outside the designated car parking spots.

You may also see people cliff jumping off the ledge and into the deep green waters, this is cautioned and not advised. But it is however pretty thrilling!


Image: Flickr (Sandy Zieba)

Walking Down Palm Jungle Loop Track

Also, the area around the Royal National Park may sometimes be a bit gloomy particularly following a few weeks of rainy weather. Good news is, finally when the sun finally shows, there is absolutely no better place to enjoy the fresh air and spectacular scenery by talking a walk down the Palm Jungle Loop Track.

The time suggested for this track is 4-6 hours and is roughly 10 km in distance, showcasing some of the finest coastal views and lush forests. This challenging track not only has magnificent views, but visitors can stop for a picnic as well as a quick dip. Be cautious as there will not be many people around.

Make sure to wear a hat, bring water and put on plenty of sunscreen!



Checking into the Hilltop Cottage

During your visit to the park, besides simply trying to figure out what to do at the royal national park, it is also strongly advised that you take time to find out as much as you possibly can about accommodation if you want to truly relax and unwind. It would be ideal that you get good accommodation. The Hilltop serves as a guarantee for a peaceful and pleasant place to stay throughout your visit. This accommodation gives you the best of both worlds. Being close to nature but with the modern luxuries.


Laze About In Audley

Audley Boatshed and its surrounds is at the heart of the National Park. Here there is lush grass that you can have a picnic on and relax, as well as a place to hire kayaks and canoes. It is simply an awesome place t take the family, but remember to get a parking ticket!


Image: Flickr (Doug Beckers)

The Sights Of Stanwell Tops

Driving down to the end of the Royal National Park, you can stop by Stanwell Tops for a gorgeous panorama view of Stanwell beach, and the great Pacific drive road. Here thrill seekers can go gliding and get a bird’s-eye view of the majestic coastline.



In addition to all of the above, regardless of the nature of your mini escape, expect to fall in love with the little haven at the Royal National Park, there are many trails that leads to iconic destinations such as the Wedding Cake Rock and Eagle Head Rock. Explore the great Royal National Park and unwind.