Top 5 Activities To Do This Winter Season

“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship”
– Markus Zusak

Winter is here! No matter where you are when it’s Winter there is so much to do! This season brings people closer together. A reason for mountains of food and tons of group activities or for just 2.

Don’t think of Winter as the season of wind burn on your face or chap lips and red noses. Stop, look up, and feel the breeze run through your hair, face and neck, and if you’re lucky to feel the touch of snow melting down your face. Also, don’t you agree the best sleep are in winter especially sleeping to the sound of rain?

There are those who run away and hibernate during winter and those that embrace it with all its glory. Here are 5 winter activities to partake in – well typically for those in New South Wales or are willing to travel to.


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Embrace Winter With These Things to Do!

Gear Up: Skiing & Snowboarding

For Sydneysiders – The Snowy Mountains is the closest ski field for a winter wonderland. With the great vibrant atmosphere of Thredbo & the vast fields of Perisher – you will be kept busy. Located Past Canberra, it is a 6 hours drive from the Sydney CBD. Though it is quite a drive, the road trip can also be enjoyed with friends and family! It also serves as a great excuse to take a long weekend getaway.

Winter is the only season for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Don’t wait another 3 seasons to pass to enjoy these activities. These activities are available for all ages, of course, the difficulty level ranges from individuals. Some people find snowboarding easier than skiing and vice-versa. For those that are not planning to regularly go to the snow yearly, I would recommend equipment and snow gear hire. Why waste storage space when not needed? Right? Though there are typically great snow gear sales around the end of July.

Note: Skiing is much easier to grasp on the first go unless you have previously boarded. Snowboarding could possibly take a full day or more to catch on!

Skiing and snowboarding are so much fun, especially with family and friends. Definitely, give it a go, I can guarantee your memories will be made and especially the sore bottoms. For the experience, it’s worth it!


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Snowball fight & Build Snowmen

If you’re not keen for a ski or a board, or you’re just taking it easy, be prepared for a war!

Build your mighty fortress. To strengthen your snow fort, use tightly packed snow and use trees to your advantage. Ensure you have a number of stashes of snowballs prepared especially at your fort for emergencies!

Tip: Pour water onto of your fortress, this will melt the top layer into hard ice which will give it strength

What you want to do is draw out your opponent closer to your stash of snowballs, this way you will have more to attack with compared to your opponent. Working as a team and aiming for 1 opponent is also a strategy, it will ensure your target is hit from all sides.

Otherwise, just grab some snowshoes and go for a hike. Enjoy the views of snow-capped mountains and a landscape that is beautifully blanketed by snow.

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Immerse In A Hot Spring

Hot springs are quite hot for the summer, so take advantage of this relaxing experience this winter. Relaxing in a hot spring need not be exclusively held for an unwinding vacation or an end of the week getaway. These mineral-rich baths offer a huge number of health advantages you may not think about. The hot springs have been utilized for many years and are generally acknowledged in Europe and Japan as normal treatment alternatives for different basic illnesses. The remedial utilization of water, or balneotherapy, could be exactly what the specialist requested with regards to soothing agony, stretch, and skin hardships – and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Benefits of hot springs:
Improves Blood circulation
Reduces the level stress
Relieves pain
Minimizes skin problems
Helps with sleep

Get A Chance To See A Whale

Winter is the perfect season to get a glimpse of a Whale. Whales have energizing athletic abilities and magical whale songs and sounds. Basically, whales are downright astounding. A whale watch is an ideal approach to celebrate and welcome these Majestic animals as they are migrating to warmer waters. You can find many tours and cruises offering whale watching along the East coast of Australia. Typically popular at Port Stephens and Batemans Bay. some places even refund in full or re-book if you do not see a whale.


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Be Captivated – Vivid Light Festival

Well, we wanted to keep Sydney out of this, but – it is always a great option to fallback on. With plenty of activities to keep you busy during the day and at night it serves as a great base to explore. Locals and tourists will flock to Sydney during winter, especially for the Vivid Festival. The city is revamped to display glamouring light productions, music performances and debates and discussions on rising topics.

Watch as the sales of the Opera house comes to life with intricate patterns and designs. Weekends will be extremely packed, with the best exhibits in the Botanic Gardens (In my opinion!). This free event is a great way to come out of hiding this winter. Catch it from the 26th of May till the 17th of June.


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