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In a previous post here on World Travel Bound, we explained why the best time to travel is always ‘now’. No matter the destination, traveling can be a source of education and can provide many wonderful experiences.

So to inspire you further on getting those feet moving, we’re highlighting another tourist hotspot that’s certainly worthy of being on your bucket list.

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The Magic City – Miami 

You may have read or heard about Miami, AKA The Magic City, primarily through its world-famous beaches. But be that as it may, this place is filled with many other wonderful destinations and exciting activities which make it befitting of its nickname.

Embark on an art adventure

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Miami has always had an artsy vibe, and this trait is seen everywhere you look. You can walk along the streets and admire the impressive graffiti works and murals.

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(image: Pixabay)

The popular Art Deco style of architecture is also prominent in the city. Many of its Art Deco buildings can be seen in what’s now known as the Art Deco District.

If all that artfulness is still not enough, a visit to Miami’s museums is recommended. Timeout mentioned that you may even get free admission to more than a dozen museums in the city if you acquire a library card from Miami-Dade’s Public Library System.

Go shopping

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Whether you’re a frugal shopper or a big spender, Miami is the right place for you. The city is full of malls as well as shopping areas like the Miracle Mile which Trip Savvy specified is lined with upscale boutiques.

Conversely, thrift stores are also scattered all over the city and you can easily find one if you ask around. All sorts of amazing finds await even the pickiest shopper.

Take a food trip

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(image: YouTube – Eat St. TV)

Of course, indulging in food is always a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and local ambience of a tourist hotspot. The Culture Trip highlighted several places that serve the best street food in Miami. Many of these are food trucks such as Purple People Eatery, Ms. Cheezious and Kuenko which are frequented by locals and tourists alike.

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(image: Versailles Restaurant)

For travelers who prefer formal dining, Discover Homes suggests checking out these 15 Miami restaurants, which includes the likes of Versailles Restaurant, Zuma, Jimmy’z Kitchen, Truluck’s and Il Gabbiano. These are some of the best restaurants in Miami that dish out classic cuisines as well as fusion recipes.

Appreciate the wildlife

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Although Miami is a highly developed urban center filled with modern establishments like the ones mentioned above, however, the city never fails to promote awareness and care for nature. You can enjoy lively animal shows at Miami Seaquarium or observe over 2,000 animals in Zoo Miami. Planetware specified that the latter implements a ‘cageless system’ so that each animal is as close to their natural habitat as possible.

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If you like to experience the true wild, however, don’t miss a trip to the iconic Everglades. This vast wilderness is reachable in more or less an hour from Downtown Miami.

These are some of the must-do activities in The Magic City aside from having a great time along its shores. To ensure that your trip is as enjoyable as possible, check out our post ‘7 Important Things to Remember When Traveling’.

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