The Royal National Park lies between the cities of Sydney and Wollongong and is easily accessible by Ferry from Cronulla or by car and even bus. It is only a 45 minute drive from the Sydney CBD & Wollongong. The park is home to great hikes and trails, surf beaches, family-friendly waterholes and other outdoor activities. There are many things to do at the Royal National Park. There is fishing, kayaking, camping and more. Here are some scenic destinations within the Royal Nationl Park.

Wedding Cake Rock

Wedding Cake Rock is a well known and delicate rock formation situated along the difficult Coast track in Sydney’s Royal National Park. Encounter the magnificence of this spectacular rock without taking a chance with your wellbeing.

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Stanwell Tops (Bald Hill Lookout)

Stanwell tops are one of the most popular scenic views in Illawarra Australia located at the top of Bald Hill.Not exclusively are the perspectives superb, the territory is additionally globally known as a noteworthy hang floating point.


Figure 8 Pools

You can find the Figure 8 Pools close by to Burning Palms Beach. The reason for this name is that the rockpools are shaped as a figure 8. Some are large enough to swim and jump into, although please enter with care as all pools differ. This is a popular place to visit and it is a difficult place to get to. Watch out for the tides and the rocky surface areas. The closest carpark is at Garrawarra farm, this course is listed as extremely challenging and will require a good fitness level. It consists of steep and sloped paths and jumping from rock to rock.

Sea Cliff Bridge

665 meter Ocean Precipice Scaffold is a highlight along the Amazing Grand Pacific Drive. The scaffold has turned into a symbol to the general population of Wollongong and the world, at the end of the day inviting sightseers every year to this pleasant waterfront street.

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Garawarra State Conservation

A tranquil spot with grand waterfalls perfect for bushwalking, mountain biking, horse riding and getting a charge out of a picnic.

Garawarra State Preservation Range outskirts the Helensburgh end of Royal National Park amongst Sydney and Wollongong. It’s a sanctuary of scribbly gum and red bloodwood, with patches of subtropical rainforest, making the range ideal for bushwalking and climbing.

Go out for a stroll or ride your mountain bicycle along Cawleys Street trail. It’s an incredible place for birdwatching, and you could without much of a stretch spot glossy silk bowerbirds, honeyeaters and maybe even a lyrebird. Horse riding is additionally prominent in Garawarra, and there are picturesque harness trails situated in the hold toward the west of Helensburgh.

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Maddens Falls lookout

Appreciate beautiful waterfall sees at Maddens Falls post close Helensburgh, an incredible reward after a long bushwalk and the ideal place for birdwatching and photography.

Take the simple Maddens Falls stroll to the peaceful nature of the waterfall dropping from Maddens Creek to the pools underneath..

When you arrive at the falls, appreciate the beautiful vegetation at the bottom of the falls. Beautiful with acacias, local waterway roses and rich, sprawling plants, it’s a lovely place to visit amid spring when the blossoms are out or in April when the falls will be at their fullest. Check whether you can recognize the uncommon plant leaf grevillea with its red ‘toothbrush-like’ blooms

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