World Travel Bound – Our First Post

Welcome to World Travel Bound,

We decided to dedicate this post to explaining a bit more about ourselves that is not really covered in the ‘About’ page. We, like many just focused on landing a job, saving up and eventually settle down with travel coming after. We had no itch to travel whatsoever, hell it didn’t even cross our minds, it was so far back in our heads that the closest we got was seeing occasional pictures on our Facebook feed. We kept thinking to ourselves that we could possibly explore and travel after everything was more stable and steady. Oh how that has changed…

Lauren is an event coordinator in the Sydney CBD. She has worked in almost every department of the hotel previously so her passion for hotel reviews and destinations may come in handy. Although food is #1 priority to her.

James – Pretty bland corporate job we must say, data entry for days! Hopefully, this would change! There’s not much else…Besides his love for animals? He has cared for quite a handful of different animals. Definitely more than the average.

Looking at what we have been through to compared to just a bit over a year ago, is quite astonishing to us both. We did not have any idea that the previous year would have turned out the way it did. We were both not really overly excited about travel until quite recently.

The reason how this all began was by our group of friends. They simply kept pressuring, nagging and hassling us to go overseas with them that we finally caved in… We are glad they did though! They wanted to go on a group trip to Thailand because flights were cheap at the time and many of them wanted to go back. This was also convenient for us because we didn’t have to plan and weren’t alone. Simply put, it was our first time traveling, so we were kind of afraid.


After the bustling 16 days, this trip was nearing the end. We did not want to head back home, the trip was simply amazing! But reality has come by and kicked us both flat in the face.

We both had a marvelous time hiking, eating street food, getting pampered, doing water sports, shopping and also partying and enjoying the vibrant nightlife.

The travel bug has surely bitten us. It has bitten us hard. We were so fascinated at what we saw, learnt and experienced that we had to keep traveling. We needed something to look forward to.

We can easily say that it honestly changed our lives. We have now been to 4 countries in the past year (A very minuscule and shocking number to many) and it made us wish that we could pretty much shout out to the world why traveling is crucial, and for those to not make the same mistake we did. We wished that we had taken more photos, wish that we had a better camera, more time and especially more annual leave!


If it was not for that initial group trip, we would’ve probably been still bound and tied up to Australia…To maybe only Sydney even. Don’t get us wrong, Australia is an awesome place! We’ve even recently started to explore more of Australia.

We didn’t know how amazed we would be by just driving an hour or two out of Sydney. Looking at photos is joyous, but actually being there is exhilarating and uplifting. The simple Bondi to Coogee walk alone was quite captivating. Port Stephens was simply amazing, especially with the serene lookout on the mountain by the shore.

Both working full-time makes it difficult to go overseas, with every time off we try to go out and explore far or near and more of Australia. Whilst hopefully stacking up enough leave to fit in at least 2 trips abroad a year, at least! *Fingers Crossed* We believe that 1 to even 2 weeks at a destination is surely not enough.


There is simply so much to explore on this wonderful world and so much to see that quite frankly we are a tad bit scared that we won’t be able to see it all. Since then we have now invested in a Canon 1000D as a starter and can hopefully upgrade soon if and that’s IF our photography skills get better. We hope to embrace many more adventures with open arms. Equally enjoying any outdoor activities as with the nightlife. We encourage other travelers to guest post and share their experience. We hope that you will continue to be part of our story.