Quite lately, Bangalore is pulling crowds not just from different parts of India but from other countries of the world too. Well, it is not just the IT hub which is the centre of attraction of the city, rather there are many fascinating destinations in and around the Bangalore city which is appealing a great number of travellers from across the globe.

Bangalore is known by plenty of names – Bengaluru, City of Possibilities, Garden City, Silicon Valley of India, the Technology Capital, and lots more. Well, if you are planning to visit the city either for a short vacation or for a long time, then we can suggest you a place to stay. It is one of the best resorts in the city where you can relax and make the most of your time – it is Eagleton Resort.

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It is a country club and also considered as one of the world’s classy resorts. The resort reflects a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation at the same time and a great escape from the pressure-filled life of today. The resort works with a motto to offer business facilities and leisure activities at the best standards to the guests. The resort is designed in a unique manner that makes it a point to impress the guests at the very first impression. Don’t believe us? Then do make your reservations and experience the best accommodation services.

All about recreation at Eagleton Resort

One of the main reasons why we look for a resort is to relax and to indulge in enjoyable recreational activities. And, let us tell you, Eagleton resort offers plenty of amazing activities for the guests to have utmost fun. Some of the best and popular aspects of recreation at this resort include:

  • Indoor games: If you like to spend your time with your loved ones then choose any indoor game and spend quality time with your family.
  • Billiards: This is a fun yet slow game which you can enjoy with your friends with a drink.
  • Basket ball: If you are sporty then you will surely love to take part in a basketball game.
  • Archery: Do you have confidence on your targets? Then try archery!
  • Poolside volleyball: Take the level of excitement to a new level by playing poolside volleyball with your friends or family.

The list of recreation continues with lots more games for you!

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Spa facilities – feel rejuvenated

After touring the entire city in and out, you might feel exhausted. The best way to refresh yourself is by taking a massage from the expert masseurs of the resort. There is an exclusive spa centre available at the resort where you can get pampered to the core, and let your mind, body, and soul lose out with the traditional therapies. Do not miss this therapy when you are at Eagleton!

Dining and banqueting – food paradise

A good holiday is when you can relish good food. Eagleton serves a plethora of pleasurable cuisines to the guests. There are many dining spaces in the resort such as:

  • Fairways: This is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves culinary recipes from the top chefs. You can have a memorable dining experience at this restaurant with divine taste in every recipe.
  • Kingfisher Swing lounge bar: If you love to relax and booze or you wish to party then this is the place in the entire resort where you need to be.

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Kingfisher Swing Lounge Bar | Image Resource: eagletonindia.com

  • Poolside barbeque: What can be better than this? This can be a perfect spot for you to party and share lovable time with your family or friends.
  • Feathery: If you like coffee then enjoy a hot brewed cup with an unforgettable experience in this 24-hour open coffee shop. The ambiance of this place has an old world charm, and I am sure you will like it.

Homelike accommodation

There are three club suites, two royal suites, sixty deluxe rooms, and 42 executive suites in the resort, each of them offering wonderful and comfortable atmosphere to the guests. Beautiful decor, unique style, utmost comfort, you can experience these all. You will find AC, mini bar, bathtub, balcony, TV, and most importantly a Wi-Fi in every corner of the room and resort. What more can a guest ask for?

Host a memorable event at Eagleton!

If you wish to host a special event in Bangalore, then Eagleton will offer you all kinds of arrangements require making a happening event. Even a business conference can be managed in an excellent manner at the hotel.

So, if you are impressed with the above services offered by Eagleton Resort, then wait no more and book your suite right away. It is easy to do so! All you have to do is visit the resort’s website and complete your reservation.

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Feature Image and other Image resources: Flickr – Rishabh Mathur