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How to Spend 3 days in Singapore

Singapore is both a country, an island and a city! This diverse nation is a wonderful place to visit and although you can spend a lifetime in this lovely little city and only just scratch the surface you can cover the basics in just three days. But how to spend 3 days in Singapore we hear you cry? Fear not! Our guide will explain everything you need to know, where to go and how to get there!

Singapore is a cultural melting pot, a beacon of multiculturalism and as such, there is so much to see, do and experience; not to mention a dish from every nation on the planet too! The best month to visit Singapore is anything between February and April as the weather is warm and dry!

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Home to a big Chinese community, as well as Malay and western expats too, Singapore is super safe and most importantly the people are super friendly too! Transport within the city is very well run with trains and buses always running to schedule, this makes your short three days visit flow by very easily, which is what we all want from a short trip right? Easy and convenient. Singapore lies in wait but how you spend your time in this wonderful city is up to you! This is the land of possibility and in three days you can achieve a lot! Here is our guide on how to spend three days in Singapore!

Day 1 -All the Singapore Icons

First thing is first whenever you arrive in a new city is to get to grips with the public transport system. Connections from Singapore airport into the city are easy to manage and run regularly. As you’ve only got three days in Singapore try to book a flight that sees you land early in the morning in order to maximise your time in town. Unlike many airports, the immigration lines at Singapore airport are always short so the time it takes from landing until you get into the city is one of the shortest times there is for travelers!

Next is to get yourself checked in to your hotel. Singapore has so many hotels on offer, there is always room at the Inn but to save yourself time be sure to book a hotel online before you depart from home, this just saves a little extra time.

Once you’ve got settled and refreshed now it’s time to explore! Firstly, do you want food? You must be peckish after all that traveling! No doubt that right outside your hotel there will be a cafe, restaurant or food court of some descriptions, grab a bite and get going! You’ve only got three days remember!

The first sight you should visit is the Garden by the Bay. These beautiful gardens are home to over 380,000 plant species and genuinely makes you feel at one with nature despite being in one of the world’s most prosperous cities! Entry to the outdoor gardens is free but entrance up on to the walkway incurs a small fee that is well worth it! You can spend upward of three hours exploring the gardens and photographing the flowers!

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This evening why not head over to the Marina Bay Sands. This is another of Singapore’s great icons and is home to some amazing architecture. This is a great spot to watch the sunset of the bay, best enjoyed with a cocktail or two of course!

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Day 2 – Kampong Glam and Tiong Bahru – Homely Singapore

Now you have seen the major landmarks its time to explore a little more of the neighborhoods of Singapore! The Kampong Glam neighborhood is a prime example of Malay and Muslim culture intertwining and living happily together. The Kampong Glam area makes for a lovely, quiet stroll and there are plenty of little cafes for you to take a seat in, buy a lovely latte and watch the world go by.

Once you’ve finished your coffee head over to the Sultan Mosque. This grand mosque is one of the most impressive in the area. Do remember to dress respectfully and maybe avoid visiting on Fridays for this is the main day for prayer for muslims and the mosque gets very, veer busy.

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After exploring the Sultan Mosque and the Kampong Glam area head over to the Tiong Bahru Estate. The Tiong Bahru Estate is a great way to get a feel for a true Singapore neighborhood. Head to the market and stock up on books or head into one of the little cafes and enjoy a pain au chocolat, that famous Asian snack! If you fancy something a little more traditional then treat yourself to a classic Wonton Soup; the most authentic you will find in all of Singapore.

In the afternoon and into the evening a nice way to round off the day is to head to Orchard Road. Orchard Road is 2.2km long filled with a whopping 22 shopping malls! Very opposite to the traditional Malay and rest-of-Asia fusion you experienced this morning! Singapore is a great place to buy tech, so stock up while you can!

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Day 3 – Soak Up the Culture and Nature

How can it be! Today is your last day in Singapore! Like when you booked your arrival flight, try to book your departing flight as late in the day as possible, again, maximising your time in this great city! Transport back to the airport is very easy. If you find yourself pressed for time, private taxis are always available or grab an Uber back to the terminal.

The Singapore Botanical Gardens are a lovely way to spend your final morning. Filled with ponds, lily pads and lotus flowers the Botanical Gardens are relaxing and tranquil. If you’re feeling the need to relax a little more then find a shady spot to lie down for a snooze or with the book you bought yesterday in he Tiong Bahru Estate!

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Singapore Botanical Gardens After you’ve had your little wind down it’s time to ramp up the tempo again and check out the Haw Par Villa. The Haw Par Villa is a great place to learn about Chinese legends through the media of painted artwork. Designed and created by Aw Boon Haw the Haw Par Villa may be a bit off the beaten track for many travelers but it is one of Singapore’s more quirky and unique attractions that will add a little variety to your time in the city!

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If you have time and want to explore a little further afield then get yourself to Sentosa Island. This micro beach paradise is a far cry from the skyscrapers of the city centre. If you have a late flight they hang out here until the sunsets behind the palm trees and get back to the airport just in time; a wonderful way to round off your stay!

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