Getting Up Close and Personal with a Giant

When it comes to whale watching, there are various ways to do it. Joining a cruise is the best way possible since the organizers are knowledgeable about the kinds of whales there are. A whale watching cruise can show you a side to whales that you might never even have known exists. Whales are beautiful, giant creatures that are completely harmless.
Their great size makes one feel apprehensive when you’re near them, but there is nothing more majestic than a whale. Counted as some of the biggest mammals on Earth, whales can be strikingly breathtaking to view up close. Not everyone might enjoy the experience since whales can easily dwarf us, but many people have claimed to be nothing more than impressed, moved or touched in a manner that left them stunned.

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Whale Behaviour

Whales tend to be more social and expressive with each other. They indulge in a number of behaviours that make them extremely interesting to watch. Whales can often choose to breach, jumping out of the water or tail slapping. Getting to view this closely can be extremely breathtaking, largely due to the fact that this is a sight that you might not often get to see.

Studying whale behaviour in a whale watching cruise can be great to watch. Many times, this is a chance to view whales in their natural habitat. Often times, whales can also get curious about the whale watching boats and choose to interact with them. It can be an extremely unique experience to have which is why you should look into taking a whale watching trip as soon as possible.

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Being Responsible

Whales are delicate and sensitive and can be easily stressed out. Fishing boats and other marine traffic does tend to upset them. In many cases, this has also let to whales opting to avoid such areas. With responsible whale watching, the whales don’t get to feel uncomfortable. They’re observed from a healthy distance where they don’t feel threatened and are free to interact with the boat if they want to.

In many cases, whale watching cruises help to showcase whales in a healthy manner. They’re conducted in an ethical manner and people who sign up for these cruises are also educated about whales. If getting up close and personal with a gentle giant has been on your bucket list, you’re going to love whale watching cruises that allow you to do just that.

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Plenty of Whale Sightings around Sydney

The best part about whale watching in Sydney is the fact that a lot of whales have to pass through the water on their annual migratory route. This can easily last from April to December. While humpback whales and baleen whales are common sights, it is also possible to spot pods of Bryde’s whales, mink whales, orcas, false killer whales, and even pilot whales. Further away from the coast, it is also possible to spot sperm whales that enjoy the deeper waters near the continental shelf. Apart from these whales, you can also spot playful dolphin pods migrating as well.

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Keep in mind that before you head out for a whale watching cruise, the closeness to the whale will also be decided on what is safe for everyone. While it is breathtaking to see a whale breach or slap water, it won’t be as exhilarating to experience if you’re unwittingly in the path of the giant whale. Many people often feel that whale watching cruises allow them to touch whales. On the contrary, it’s the whales that end up touching the hearts of all who’re interested at taking a closer peek at the way these gentle giants behave.

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