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Dubai is a medley of breathtaking high-rise buildings, ritzy malls, serene beaches and time-honoured souks. Dubai once was a small fishing village on the confluence of the desert but has now transformed into a city which is ahead of the times with futuristic innovations like the Museum of Future and amusement parks like Oli Oli which enriches the brain cells of the visitors of all ages. The Desert Safari gives you a chance to indulge in fun activities like camel riding, dune bashing and quad biking. The beauty of the desert can be admired as you drift across in the air at four thousand feet from the ground in a hot air balloon. Beat the heat with your Ski Dubai Tickets as you enjoy indoor skiing while making snowballs. The adventure does not haul here, enjoy indoor skydiving at iFly recommended and suitable for all under the watchful eyes of licensed trainers. If you are in for a family trip with kids don’t forget to visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo. Which is the biggest suspended aquarium as it houses beautiful marine life including sharks, dolphins and octopuses. Holidaymakers chalk out your plans for the impending vacation as the exuberance of activities cajole you to Dubai.

Museum of the Future

Brace yourselves for the future as you book those tickets and visit the Museum of the Future. Located in the prime spot along the city’s superhighway Sheikh Zayed Road the museum stands tall at seventy-seven metres above the ground. The museum mirrors the possibilities and the mysteries that the future holds. The museum is fabricated as a misaligned torus caparisoned in steel and glass. It was ceremoniously opened to the public on 22 February which happens to be a palindrome date. The glass window panel on the outermost surface is engraved in Arabic calligraphy which is a poem by Dubai’s ruler and enlightens the visitors with visions of the future of the emirate. The iconic landmark is branched into seven floors which put forth various exhibitions which focus on space development, bioengineering, health and wellbeing. Get a chance to reconnect with yourself away from all the screens and devices as you ponder over tranquillity at Äl Waha. The reins of imagination go wild for the young minds as they traverse the exhibitions at Future Heroes on the first floor. Get a sneak peek of what the future holds at the Museum of the Future tickets.

Ski Dubai

Everyone has heard and witnessed the mirages and oasis of the desert. But thinking about sledging through the snow in the desert is a rare possibility. The Ski Dubai Tickets take you for a ride of a lifetime to this indoor skiing resort which is part of the Mall of the Emirates. This resort is sprawled over an area of 22,500 square metres and has a maintaining temperature of -1 to 2 degrees Celsius. You get a chance to try your hands at an array of snow activities. Sharpen your skills of skiing and snowboarding under the guidance of experts on an 85 metres high indoor mountain. The much-needed adrenaline rush is at its peak while you zipline at a height of 16 metres above the ground and has a length of 150 metres. Get the chills and thrills as you enjoy amazing rides like the Chairlift, Mountain Thriller and Snow Bullet. Crawl inside a human hamster ball and roll down the slopes as you play interactive games at the Snow Cavern and polish those snowballing antics. Last but not least the March of Penguins tops the priority list as these little ones make their way at the pageantry.

Desert Safari

The Arabian night fantasy comes to life as you ride the ship of the desert during Desert Safari Dubai. Fantasy and reality take you to a new level of high as you go dune bashing, quad biking and 4-by-4 rides with the latest gizmos. Aptly titled Pearl of the Gulf it is endowed with natural beauty and is not spoiled with a concrete jungle of skyscrapers, but is simply a stretch of golden sand. As the blazing sun and all the fun and frolic reach the zenith, the night comes shrouded by a shimmering sky filled with stars. The desert adorns a calmer look for the evening as you get the chance to enjoy the delectable barbecue dinner and watch live shows of Tanura and belly dancing. The sandy dunes have withstood the trials of time and have fables of the nomadic Bedouins buried deep in their sands. The six hours of the expedition are full of thrill and adventure and a bag full of memories for a lifespan.

Oli Oli Dubai

Grab those Oli Oli Dubai tickets and experience the mind-boggling workshops laid out for the inquisitive minds to enjoy. Oli Oli is a children’s play museum. It is situated in Al Quoz which lies behind Oasis Mall. The interactive museum has eight galleries with more than forty exhibits. Besides creating a friendly atmosphere children get a chance to explore fields of Science, Technology, Arts and Maths. The gallery on the ground floor is associated with air where young minds learn about aerodynamics, friction and resistance. The Water gallery includes activities like dancing in the rain, cleaning cars using a water vortex and the attributes of water like buoyancy, density and pressure. At the Creative Lab dreams of little ones take shape while using real tools to enhance motor skills. Toshi’s Net is a handmade web that covers the whole gallery. It is part trampoline playground and has the beauty of Alice in Wonderland with different shapes and holes. Further galleries include the Future Park, Forts and Dens with magical castles, palaces and forts. The toddlers can have a gala time with puzzles, bubble making and building blocks.

Scuba Diving in Dubai

Besides the desert safari, Dubai has a great option for scuba diving too. Designated as the Introductory Diving course it gives a chance to beginners to come close and personal to the captivating coral and marine life with all necessary instruction and instruments provided. For safety purposes, professional instructors accompany novice divers at every step. Get a view of the aquatic life of the gulf and shipwrecks at Jumeirah Beach. Sharm Rock is a picturesque vision of pink and purple with a multitude of marine life including fishes and resident corals. Scuba diving at the artificial islands of  Dubai World Islands with small territories of flora and fauna has become an addition to this fun activity. There are many wreckage sites which are waiting to be discovered by scuba divers. The Atlantis Dive Discovery is perfect for beginners to dive and discover the majestic wrecks and sea creatures.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai

Be mesmerised by the magic of the desert as you ride the hot air balloon. Along the SkiDubai ticketsget drowned with the sight of the rising sun on this aviation adventure. At the amazing height of 4,000 feet above the ground, the enormity of the sand dunes is captivating. Get a 360-degree view of the Arabian desert with insta-worthy photographs. For some, it is a rush of adrenaline but it is an amalgamation of adventure and peace. Catch sight of Arabian oryx and gazelles as you fly on the “magic carpet “ over the Hajar mountains. Feast your selves with a gourmet meal including smoked salmon, caviar and a platter of fruits. Quench your thirst with hot and cold beverages present at the stop. Hot Air Balloon is a must-do activity to partake in. As you land, get a chance to feel the warmth of the locals and ride vintage Land Rovers to camp at the Bedouin camps.

Flyboard in Dubai

Make the vacation to Dubai a memorable one by trying your hands at this quirky water sports activity. As desert safari under the blazing sun gives you a tan it’s time to take a dip. Flyboarding makes use of hydro propulsion forces to power the rider on board to soaring heights in the air with arcadian backdrops. This is a thirty-minute ride with a ten-minute tutorial and twenty minutes of practice. The rider gets a chance to fly, jump and do tricks over and inside water. Once the riders get comfortable they can try new figures and even dive like a dolphin. A well-trained professional instructor helps by being your guide and ensuring that the ride is a safe one. Get yourself clicked with the amazing Burj AL Arab as the background. For all the thrill seekers out there here is your chance to unleash your inner superheroes.

SkyDiving Dubai

Dubai gives you an opportunity to test your limits of having adventures whether on the land, sea or even air.  With Skydive Dubai you get an enthralling experience of tandem skydiving. The skydiver is strapped to a trained professional and get yourselves videographed as you jump from a plane. The visitors get to choose from two captivating locations namely the Palm Jumeriah and the Arabian Desert which give a new perspective on the beauty of the surroundings. Take a private tour over Dubai in the gyrocopter which is a two-seater aircraft and the passenger stays a little closer to the ground for a twenty-minute route offering the view of famous sites like the observation wheel called Ain Dubai, Palm Jumeriah and many more. If you want your skydiving experience to be memorable and solo try the Static Line Jump. Glide through the desert as you take a freefall which is accelerating before the parachute opens and the landing takes around five to seven minutes before touchdown.