There have been travellers, wanderers, backpackers, and tourists alike exploring Southeast Asia for decades. It is a vast region that is filled with plenty of things to see and do at an affordable price. Widely popular among budget travellers – you can get mouthwatering Asian meals for only a couple of dollars, or even possibly stay at a luxurious resort cheaper than a pair of jeans in your home country.

In fact, there are so many destinations in Southeast Asia that are so popular with budget travelers or adventurers that they keep on coming back! Although there are some different variations of countries and regions, it is popular due to the ridiculously low spend of accommodation and other expenses.

It is also relatively safe if you are smart about it. There are tons of thrilling activities to enjoy and some of the most amazing natural and historic attractions. From the popular destinations of Thailand , Bali, and Vietnam, we got you covered.

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