10 Things to do in Odaiba

Not too far from the bustling cities of Tokyo, lies an enigmatic and wondrously charming district alongside Tokyo Bay coastlines, Odaiba. The area boasts picturesque seaside views, and is abundant in recreational activities and shopping for all. From indoor amusement parks, assorted entertainment and shopping complexes as well as countless places to eat – Odaiba is perfect for the whole family or ideal date spot to get away from the bustling streets of Tokyo.

Here is a list of just some of the places can visit in Odaiba:


Rainbow Bridge

An iconic and unmissable feature of Odaiba is ‘The Rainbow Bridge’ which connects Odaiba to the rest of Tokyo. You can view the bridge from the various shopping complexes facing it, or across from Odaiba beach – which makes for an exceptionally romantic spot for couples, particularly at night as the bridge illuminates rainbow colours.

Ferris Wheel

If you want to catch a bigger glimpse of Odaiba’s ravishing scenery, you can opt to see it from the heights of one of the world’s largest Ferris wheels. Located just outside Palette Town, Odaiba, the Ferris wheel stands at an astonishing 115m tall – this is the perfect place to take in awe of all of Tokyo’s seaside and cityscapes.

A Must Visit Place in Japan: Odaiba
A Must Visit Place in Japan: Odaiba

Shopping & Restaurants:

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

DiverCity is best known for the incredibly humongous Gundam statue that towers over the front of the complex. It stands guarding all the boutiques and restaurants in DiverCity, take a picture with the Gundam before venturing inside!

Aquacity Odaiba

Aquacity is home to various stores, restaurants, cafes, and cinemas – personally, it is the ramen theme park inside the complex that catches my attention. On the fifth floor, you can take a stroll through the assortment of ramen restaurants and try the endless varieties of Japanese noodles, each providing different flavours from different regions.

Decks Tokyo Beach

Decks is another shopping mall plentiful in boutiques and cuisines to browse through, it is also home to multiple indoor theme parks. Immerse yourself in incredible VR experiences at Tokyo Joypolis, rediscover your creativity at Legoland Discovery Centre or get lost in the world of Madame Tussauds wax and trick art museum.

Venus Fort

A Must Visit Place in Japan: Odaiba
A Must Visit Place in Japan: Odaiba

This shopping mall interior is uniquely embellished in an eccentric 18th century European-Esque embroidery, making you feel like you’ve just been transported into another era. Make sure to check out the enchanting fountain of goddesses, the glow of the waters is especially captivating.

Recreational Fun:

Fuji TV Building

Fuji TV is one of Japan’s most popular nationwide TV stations, and in this building, you can browse through their program exhibits and merchandise stores. Make sure to check out the observatory deck, which has been exquisitely styled with futuristic architecture.

Toyota Mega Web

Located in Palette Town, Odaiba, you can find an exhibition of Toyota’s latest car models as well as past car models. The futuristic showroom not only allows you to observe all the latest car technology, but you can also interact with them – immerse yourself in simulations and actual car rides.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Spend a relaxing day at this indoor ‘onsen’, a Japanese spa, soaking in the warmth of the various types of hot spring baths. From spa baths to foot baths, there are boundless ways for you to unwind and eliminate all that stress and tension. Oedo Onsen is also home to one of the biggest Japanese gardens in Tokyo city area, so rent a ‘yukata’ for free and immerse yourself into the charming traditional scenery.

TeamLab Borderless

A Must Visit Place in Japan: Odaiba
A Must Visit Place in Japan: Odaiba

This is an incredibly innovative digital art museum that provides visitors of all ages an immersive and interactive experience with digital art. The museum leaves no boundaries between the artwork and the viewers, incorporating an advanced interactive experience transforming perspectives upon how artworks can be viewed. Once entering the building you immediately become a part of the artwork, every step you take creates a new component to the art displays that can never be reproduced.

This is an extremely enchanting and unparalleled place to visit, every corner and every inch is extraordinarily captivating. Make sure to get your tickets in advance as lines can be extremely long.

A Must Visit Place in Japan: Odaiba
A Must Visit Place in Japan: Odaiba

From various trips to Japan, I can confidently say that there is no other place that has left such a deep impact on me as Odaiba. It is the perfect combination of an alluring seaside and bountiful shopping district. There is always something new to do and try, I can assure that you will always be entertained in Odaiba!