7 Important Things to Remember When Traveling

There are so many necessary preparations you need to make when traveling, with almost an equal number of things that you need to avoid for safety purposes. When visiting other destinations, especially those that you are not really familiar with, you must consider taking extra precautions. To avoid issues that might turn up unexpectedly and probably ruin your trip.


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To keep away from trouble, consider these things to avoid and remember when traveling or planning to travel.

#1 Flights – Destination?

Please please please avoid booking your flight with an unreliable travel company. This may be seen as a no-brainer but this has definitely happened. With hidden fees and fine print, make sure you do a thorough check of the company and the deal they are offering. If you are new to the world of traveling, the probability of getting fooled by some bogus travel agencies is quite high unless you stick to.

Book your flights ahead of time. After finding the reliable travel agency, go ahead and book your flight. This can be done online and wouldn’t take too much of your time. Online travel agents are great for quick benchmark of prices and comparison rates, sites like Sky Scanner or Expedia. And at times there would be massive deals from the actual airlines as well, commonly JetStar and their insanely cheap return flights from time to time.



#2 Planning Ahead

Most of the time you plan a vacation months ahead of time to take advantage of cheaper hotels and plane tickets. If you are planning your vacation ahead of time, actually plan your trip. Do a ton of research of the area you are staying in, what’s around it, where you can possibly go and how long you should stay there. Go read forums, reviews, blogs and ask friends for recommendations and insights to what’s good and what’s not. Me and Lauren personally like to look at either Google images or Instagram of the place to get an idea of what to expect, and even what to bring. But also, make sure you leave an ample amount of time in-between activities to catch your breath and to prepare. You do not want to be rushing from A to B to C.

#3 Baggage / Luggage

Pack a day or even two ahead of time. I like most others tend to pack last minute and usually end up forgetting something. Talking with others going on your trip about what you packed really helps, you will be surprised how this can help you remember all the necessities.

Avoid bringing large baggage though. Do not bring too many stuff as that might force you to pay for excess baggage which is quite expensive. Also, consider that too much baggage can be burdensome and difficult to travel with.  To keep away from paying extras do make sure that you only bring necessary stuff. If you do lack any things you can always buy it overseas, with most items available at the markets. Why bring your good pair of shorts for a trip you know would get challenging when you can buy a pair at their market for $5.


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#4 Cash Money

Do not bring big lumps of money. Bringing big amount of money when traveling might bring you trouble as criminal operations do happen anywhere. In saying so, make sure your belongings are always on you! Just bring the cash you need for safety purposes. If you believe you have an excessive amount always put them in different places. Never put all your eggs in one basket! You can also have a travel credit card if you need more funds. There are a few out there that offers flat rates. We personally use 28Degrees.

Oh, and don’t forget to call your bank. It is important to let your bank know you will be traveling and for how long. Check if there is any excess fees and that if you are able to use the card in case of emergencies. This also prepares the bank for any unfortunate events where you lose your card, so that they can take action immediately.


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#5 Drugs – Be careful!

Don’t be tempted by drugs. This is a big criminal offense. After all, using illegal drugs even when you are not traveling is pretty unlawful. If you get caught at airports or in any place where drug detection is present, you will probably get imprisoned and you also have to pay for fine/penalty. So with your baggage make sure everything is secured, tagged and has a lock. You don’t want any unwanted objects while traveling.

#6 Immune System / Health

Do not believe your immune system can handle the trip alone. Get vaccinations where necessary. When traveling always consider bringing your medicine kit, or taking vitamins that will enhance your immune system. The weather in the other country has a different climate, this could also put your body in shock. Be cautious of the food yet enjoy it!

#7 Don’t forget about the kids! – If you have any. 

And on a last note, if you are traveling with small children it is important to bring things that will entertain them. Long car or plane rides can be miserable with a screaming child. Their attention span is much shorter than ours, so bring toys, books, games etc.


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Traveling abroad can be one of the most relaxing and amazing things a person can do if properly planned. There are, however, so many things that can make a trip stressful like traveling with children, bad weather or not properly planning things to do. The idea behind a vacation is to have fun, not to worry and think about the stress of your daily activities. To help ensure your trip is one worth remembering, follow these simple vacation planning tips and your vacation will be awesome! – Definitely!

Any other important things that you take note of before traveling?