Wine tourism is rapidly developing as a separate branch of tourism. More and more wine lovers are flocking up at the wineries around the world for first-hand tasting of a variety of wines. Indeed, it is one of a kind experience that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Wines have been a favorite drink for ages, and wine producers now are turning their passion into a tourism option. This not only allows wine enthusiasts to taste different types of wine while exploring vineyards and wineries but also learn a great deal about wine making.

The Best Wine Tour Destinations in the World

Although currently, a number of countries are into viticulture, the following list shows the ones that must not be overlooked. Wine lovers have many more options where they can plan their ideal wine tours. To learn more about these regions, have a look at the Infographic shared by Tango.Tours

10 Best Wine Tour Destinations In The World You Must Visit This Year - Tango

#1. Mendoza, Argentina
Mendoza in Argentina is one of the best places a wine lover can be. Mendoza has the perfect climate for wine production. The healthy soil and high altitude ensure that fruits are grown without the need for chemicals. It also has the largest area under viticulture in Argentina.

#2. Bordeaux, France
The enchanting scenery and the vast stretches of vineyards can enchant any traveler. According to the French saying “the sweetness of life” have found a strong expression in this French wine country. The best time to visit Bordeaux is mid-July to August end.

#3. Napa & Sonoma Valley, California
No other place represent the American wine scene better than Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, along with high quality wine and delectable local dishes during your stay.

#4. Basque Country, Spain
Basque country is one of the more famous wine producing regions in Spain. Most of the viticulture zone is located to its south. It produces a variety of red and white grapes and pioneers in the production of Txakoli.

#5. Alto Adige, Italy
Alto Adige has remained in the shadows of other more popular wine producing regions in France. However, this northernmost wine country is well known for its Pinot Grigio, which is indisputably the best in the world.

#6. Yarra Valley, Australia
The Yarra Valley gets its name from the Yarra River that has been flowing through the valley’s mountains for thousands of years. The region boasts of a climatic condition best suited for outstanding cool-climate wines.

#7. Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany is an important viticulture region in Italy, and is famous for Italy’s most popular red wine. The region produces Chianti in high volumes and then exports it worldwide.

#8. Cape Town, South Africa
The vineyards around Cape Town grows a variety of grapes and you can get a bottle of wine for a very cheap prize right outside Cape Town. It also offers a breathtaking view which makes wine tasting even more enjoyable.

#9. Alentejo, Portugal
Although it is one of Portugal’s least developed and scarcely populated regions, it is still dubbed as the Tuscany of Portugal. You will also find some outstanding varieties of wine here, along with the pleasing scenic beauties.

#10. Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA
It is Oregon’s leading wine producing region. Over two-thirds of the state’s vineyards and wineries fall under this region. It is recognized for the production of a premium quality Pinot Noir.
There are more to these wine producing regions.